Changes to A Pawn’s Perspective

A Pawn’s Perspective started as a way for me to post overflow reviews back when I still wrote for Purple Pawn. Since then, it’s grown and changed at an alarming rate. It’s become all-consuming, and no matter my attempts at pulling in extra help, there’s still more on the site’s plate than I can handle. So, to help maintain my sanity, I’ll be making a few changes to A Pawn’s Perspective, what I cover, and what I don’t.


Reviews have always been a core piece of A Pawn’s Perspective, and that isn’t changing much. What is changing is my curation of review titles. From now on, I’ll be accepting fewer games for review, and keeping those I do choose to titles I have a specific interest. My current review queue will be curated, with some games going to other Pawns or other review outlets more interested in those titles.

For RPG reviews, I’ll only be reviewing physical products from this point on. The only PDFs I’ll be accepting are titles that do not have a physical release. The reason for this is twofold. One, it’s tough for me to consume RPG content in PDF form. Two, it helps cut down my review queue. RPGs are already a time-consuming product to review, so as with board games, I’ll only be taking a look at titles that interest me.

If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve added digital reviews back into the mix. From this point forward, I will no longer be looking at demos or early access titles. Only finalized, completed games will be accepted for review. This restriction won’t apply to any streaming on my Twitch channel.

I will still be recording video reviews of gaming accessories and doing candid live videos on Instagram as I have been doing in the past. My YouTube channel will also contain some digital First Play and edited clips from streams.


A Pawn’s Perspective will no longer do previews, paid or free, of game prototypes or of games currently on crowdfunding platforms. Period.


A Pawn’s Perspective will no longer be accepting paid advertising or content. The only banners and links of this nature will be from my affiliate programs. These provide benefits such as services or free products for sales that I generate from them. The only affiliate that provides monetary compensation for sales is Amazon.

You Are Welcome at My Table:

I’ll still be selling #youarewelcomeatmytable merchandise to benefit various charities. Instead of all profits going to an individual charity of my community’s choice, each shirt design will tie to a related charity. All profits from sales will now go directly to the chosen charity. No money ever will travel through me for these sales.

A Safe Space:

While it has always been the case, A Pawn’s Perspective strives to be a safe space for gamers of all walks in life. Here Black Lives Matter, love is love, gender is fluid and varied, belief is respected, science is real, and a woman’s choice over her body is her own. If you don’t like these views, it’s as simple as navigating away. Neither I nor anyone who helps with A Pawn’s Perspective will tolerate intolerance.

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