Punching Babies Preview - Header

Punching Babies Preview

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So let’s get something straight before we begin. Punching Babies isn’t about going around and slugging babies in the face. It’s a game about boxing babies slugging each other in the face. It’s a fine line…right? RIGHT!? Punching Babies is a 2-player card game and a fairly light one at that. Each player plays a heavyweight boxing baby trading blows …

Headhunter Review - Header

Headhunter Review

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Full Headerhunter Review How many party games do you have where a judge draws a card and all the player play a card from their hand for the judge to pick? Do you want another? Well, you’re in luck! Headhunter is just that. Place famous figures throughout history into the best, or worst, jobs to become the headhunter with clients …

Dragon Petz Review - Header

Dragon Petz Review

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Full Dragon Petz Review The 1783rd annual dragon breeding competition is about to begin and it’s up to you to send your Dragon Seekers into the woods to find the best mates for your dragons. Dragon Petz starts you off with 2 dragons to start off the competition, but you’re on your own from there! Collect dragons, breed pairs, profit! …

Eldritch Arts Dice Boxes Review

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A little over two years ago, I posted a review of Eldritch Arts’ dice boxes. Last Spring, I took a look at some new designs and Pawn’s Perspective hosted a giveaway for the Rogue Class Dice Box. Last week, I was fortunate enough to receive a shipment from Eldritch Arts containing four of their five most recent designs – including …

Paizo’s Soldiers of Brass Starfinder Adventure Path Review

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“Dawn of Flame sees the heroes peeling back the layers of a story about a mysterious force operating within the Pact Worlds’ sun while diving through the layers of the star itself. The narrative starts outside the sun, moves into events in a city in the star’s upper atmosphere, and leads to the heroes traveling into the sun’s depths. If …

Cthulhu Mythos 5e Review - Header

Cthulhu Mythos 5e Review

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Full Cthulhu Mythos 5e Review Already known for their work with the Cthulhu Mythos, Petersen Games moves into the realm of D&D 5th Edition with their Cthulhu Mythos sourcebook. Recently funded on Kickstarter, the PDF is currently available, with the hardcover coming in June. Based on the Pathfinder sourcebook of the same name, this extended book contains over 400 pages …

The World of Farland Campaign Setting Review

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Farland is a world that has been conquered by evil. It has been sundered into seven kingdoms, each ruled by an evil lord who personifies one of the seven deadly sins. These beings, called the Lords of Sin, hold the land in a dark grasp. In the conquered kingdoms, the Lords of Sin enslaved the population and made their primary …

Millennium Blades Review

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Full Millennium Blades Review With the recent success of the latest Millennium Blades set, Collusion, on Kickstarter, Level 99 shot me a copy of the base set to take a look at since I had not previously. Millennium Blades is a CCG simulator of sorts. Each player plays as a character who is buying/selling/trading Millenium Blades cards, creating decks, and …

The Haunt Review

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In ages past, an ancient town was lost and destroyed to a siege of orcs. Only one building survived and to this day, the manor is the only still standing building to be seen for miles around. Some say it is haunted, a few whisper of great treasures within, whilst others whisper that it is the manor itself that lives! …