Area 1851 Express Preview

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Area 1851 Express is a 3-5 player card game designed by Justin Blaske of Five24 Labs, on Kickstarter now! The year is 1851, and Aliens have just landed in the American Wild West in hopes of trading their advanced technology for the local wares of the Settlers and Natives of the land. Your job is to scrape together new and …

Nerd Words Preview - Header

Nerd Words Preview

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New from Genius Games, Nerd Words is a science-based party game that is currently up on Kickstarter. Genius Games, for those who may not know, are the makers of the awesome worker placement game, Cytosis. “A thinky word game meets science”, Nerd Words takes the classic “guess my word” party mechanic and gives it some interesting twists. Nerd Words has …

Life Siphon Preview

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After being driven underground by dragons, humanity finds a mysterious box deep beneath the ground. Solid black, with nothing more than a glowing, orange eye on the lid and the words DO NOT OPEN on the sides…they open it… Given incredible powers at the cost of their own life force, the humans now do battle with their closest friends to …

Mechanica Preview - Header

Mechanica Preview

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Tidybots are the way of the future! They help us with all our cleanliness needs, are super cute, and thirst for revolution! Mechanica is an upcoming game from Resonym where players compete for wealth by creating the most efficient, outlandish factories for building, upgrading, and shipping Tidybots. This is done by purchasing more fabricators, factory line enhancements, and larger shipping …

Paizo and Dynamite Launch Pathfinder Statue Kickstarter

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Today, Dynamite Entertainment launched a Kickstarter campaign for the first-ever resin statue for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game – Seoni, one of the most popular iconic heroes in the Pathfinder universe. The statue is available in multiple variants. A “Spellcasting” edition portrays Seoni using her signature magic using a plastic energy effect and the “Battle Ready” edition swaps that out for her …

Volfyirion Preview – Tabula Games

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Earlier this year, I posted a preview for a game that I was excited for – Mysthea. The art, game mechanics, and unique setting all peaked my interest. After the success of Barbarians: The Invasion, it was no wonder that this game fully funded in just over three hours. After the success of Mysthea, Tabula Games decided to expand this stylized …