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Having already signed up as an early backer for Card Master on Prefundia, I was excited to get a prototype in today to preview. For those unfamiliar, Card Master is basically Triple Triad, a popular card mini-game found in Final Fantasy 8. Not collectable, it’s a deck of 81 cards with the numbers on the sides only ranging from 1-3. The rules for the game are simple:

Card Master Rules

I’ve always been a huge Triple Triad fan. Having lost all my old physical cards a long time ago, and not willing to pay hundreds of dollars on eBay for more, Card Master got me excited. How does it stack up? Pretty well, though a bit more limited due to it’s non-collectible nature.

Part of the fun of the original Triple Triad was having control over your deck. The random nature of the 5 card draw here means you can get stuck with a real stinker of a deck while your opponent snags some pretty sweet cards. A draft, or different set of draw rules would be a good idea to keep games a bit more fair. Then again, we’re only talking about the numbers 1-3 here, and with the Double, Adding, and Chain rules you can make just about any hand work out.

Card Master CardsAll in all I’m already having fun with the cards. The prototype deck I got is crude, but gets the job done. The final decks will look the same, but me professionally manufactured. Also, if people pony up the money when the Kickstarter hits, other monsters my be included on the cards. Right now only the standard Card Master blue and red monsters will be featured on every card. It almost makes me want to design my own custom deck with more designs, but I have absolutely no skill in doing such things.

Will Card Master be worth it? Depends on the final cost of the game. I believe the Kickstarter can be successful when it launches, but the price needs to be right. I couldn’t see paying more than, say, $10-$12 for the game. If designer Jeff Hurcomb can make that happen, it’d be a great thing.

The Kickstarter campaign should be starting soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

A prototype Card Master deck was sent over free for preview purposes

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