Card Hunter

I guess I’ve been living under a rock, because I hadn’t heard of Card Hunter until I wrote up the release of the Penny Arcade Acquisitions Incorporated addon that was just released. Figuring I’d see what it’s about, I signed up for an account.


Card Hunter is pretty much like playing D&D battles with a deck-building card mechanic. There’s a storyline where a Dungeon Master makes comments as you play through modules (old school art style and all) that pit you in battle against battle of monsters. There’s taverns to recruit more characters, and shops that sell new items. Every item you equip adds a certain amount of cards in your deck. Cards are used to move, cast spells, attack, etc… Everything is wrapped in a nice tabletop feel from the paper miniatures to the game board with assorted dice and things around the table.

Card Hunter is free to play, but (of course) there’s paid add-ons to expand the game, ones to give you better items when you complete a dungeon, and in-game currency (pizza) for premium items like custom minis and more. So far I’m enjoying the solo, free play. Eventually I’ll dig into the multiplayer, which I’m sure is a blast. Nothing like delving into dungeons with friends.

Card Hunter Grid

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