Cantrip Candles Review

Cantrip Candles
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Product Name: Cantrip Candles

Product Description: RPG themed candles that add that extra "something" to your tabletop experience!

  • Scent
  • Quality


Cantrip Candles are artisan hand made candles that are themed to add a beautiful scent to your Tabletop RPG Experience. From Stonemoss Chapel to the Den of Thieves, there is a delightful scent for every scene.


They smell AMAZING

There’s a good variety of scents

They’re great quality


A little on the expensive side

I love two things in this world: role playing games, and candles. And Lord Pelor, does Cantrip Candles deliver on both fronts. I was fortunate enough to have Cantrip Candles send me a sample pack so I could try out nine of their scents, and each one is an absolute treasure.

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From the earthy scent of Stonemoss Chapel to the leather and wine filled air of the Den of Thieves, each candle brings a true and exciting dimension to your tabletop experience. My players and I cannot get enough of the amazing variety of scents available. Even in the sample pack, we were able to find just the right candle for what we were doing. And as anyone who has played with me before can attest– I love to set a mood. I’m the DM that has written soundtrack cues in my notes and needs just the perfect lighting, and the ability to bring scent into the RPG experience is something that gives it an extra special experience.

And they’re not just for the RPG table! These candles smell so good, I’ve been known to light them around the house just to smell them. In fact, I’ve got Goldwheat Bakery lit next to me while I’m writing this review.

If there are any cons to the Cantrip Candles, it’s that they are on the pricey side. But that’s what you get for hand crafted candles of this quality. I would certainly classify it as a “luxury item,” but it is fully worth the price.

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