Button Men: Beat People Up Review

Button Men Preview - CoverDesigners: James Ernest
Publisher: Cheapass Games
Year: 2017
MSRP: $35
Players: 2
Play Time: 10 Min
Ages: 12+
Rules Available Online: Yes
BGG: Button Men: Beat People Up


Button Men: Beat People Up is a new version of James Ernest’s Button Men using colorful character cards instead of physical stickpin buttons. The gameplay remains the same and the new edition is even compatible with the older buttons, as well as the newly released Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge.


The basics of Button Men play are outlined in the video above. Also, if you’ve read my review of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge then you’ve got all you need to play (minus the use of Reserve Dice, which are not used in Button Men.)

There are a few additonal rules for characters that use special Poison Dice, Shadow Dice, and Rush Dice, as well as several sets of rules for simple campaign play. These can be found in the full rules.


  • Box 👍
  • Rules 👍
  • Cards 👍
  • Dice 👍

(👍 = Good, 👍 = Bad, ⭐ = Exceptional)


I’m a big fan of Button Men. It’s light, portable, and can be switched up in a variety of ways. The base game comes with 48 characters in the box which is enough to provide all sorts of combinations, but the ability to use the cards from Sailor Moon and the entire back catalog of older Button Men buttons means the variation is virtually infinite. Yes, the game is very simple yet the gameplay is satisfying and plays super quick. It’s the perfect game to take with you on the go, especially to conventions where you may meet people (or Cheapass employees) who have characters you may not!

Button Men Review - Old School Buttons
The original set of Button Men from the classic edition of the game

Don’t go into Button Men expecting deep strategy, tough choices, or anything other than chucking dice and having fun. Go into it knowing what it is, a fun and light way to pass the time. My only main complaint with this new edition is the price. $35 MSRP seems a bit steep for a deck of cards and 30 dice. At $20, or even $25, Button Men would be an insta-buy.

A copy of Button Men: Beat People Up was provided free for review by Cheapass Games

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