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Game title: Brutality

Game description: Brutality is a PVP medieval combat brawler board game for 2-4 players. Pick 2 champions and go to war against 2 other battle-hardened bastards. Each champion has their own special abilities, moves, and backstory... Like the God Killer who can impale and slam enemies into another space on the battlefield. OR the Grave Digger who can bury rivals alive. When players combine their devastating attacks, it is GLORIOUS. And that's just the beginning of the carnage.

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The miniatures were an immediate draw. Large, detailed, and over the top. Brutality‘s presence at PAX Unplugged was impressive. It wasn’t the size of their booth, but the number of people crowded around small tables demoing the game. A huge stack of boxes was their backdrop, both base games, and character expansions. It was hard to pass by without at least a cursory glance.

One of the Game Devastation dudes in front of a wall of Brutality

Brutality is delightfully simple to learn. Each player chooses 2 characters, equips each with an Artifact, and places 2 environmental hazards on the board. On a player’s turn they may take 2 actions with each of their characters and may play cards from their hand. Each character has several Special Actions they can take, as well as a Movement action. Everything comes down to how players choose to use their Special Actions, how well they use each of their character’s actions together, clever card play, along with the hazards on the playing field.

The real fun of the game is figuring out brutal combos to use to maximize the carnage. Certain characters can push or pull opponents through hazards while getting them closer to other characters that have more punishing attacks. It’s so utterly satisfying and fast-paced. Positioning on the board is essential, where 1 square can make all the difference between destroying your opponent or taking massive damage, yourself.

While there’s certainly a bit of depth with the characters and cards that come in the box, Brutality is still a bit shallow overall. This isn’t much of a detriment because the game knows exactly what it is and does what it sets out to do very well. I can’t speak to how the expansion’s characters affect this, but I hope to find that out real soon.

Brutality Review - Expansion Characters
The current expansion characters.

In conclusion, the best way to describe Brutality is that it plays similar to an abstract strategy game with an incredibly detailed theme layered on top and sprinkled with some of the higher quality miniatures seen over the past year. It’s certainly a game that caters to a specific audience and does so in an extremely competent manner. With a colorful cast of characters available, and more on the way, Brutality has a bloody future ahead of it.

A copy of Brutality was provided free for review by Game Devastation

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