Boston FIG 2017 – F.L.O.W

Winner of Boston FIG’s “Most Innovative Game”, F.L.O.W., designed by Tam Myaing, is a cooperative time-travel game utilizing sets of strings as movement pathways between different areas.

Players in the game take on roles of time travel agents who must work together to repair the timeline. By placing links between locations, architecting, and managing the Butterfly Effect of those actions they’ll uncover a plot by a shadowy organization. A plot deck offers story progression throughout the game that changes with the player’s choices.

F.L.O.W is for 1-4 players and a session plays in 60-90 minutes. The story campaign included in the game requires multiple sessions to play and contains many different characters, events, and even different mechanics.

I had a chance to sit down and play a few rounds of the game and was impressed. The string mechanic is really cool, as is the ability to have your actions ripple through time. With careful planning, players can complete a lot more by carefully planning actions that carry down the timeline.

F.L.O.W. is slated for a Kickstarter release in early 2019.

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