Boston FIG 2017 – You’ve Been Poisoned!

Tim Blank, one of the Boston FIG organizers and founder of Gameworthy Labs, has a most interesting booth setup on the show floor. You’ve Been Poisoned! was an escape room experience condensed and modified to work within a convention booth space.

21765398 10100591742390477 1688544749973212262 oThe premise behind the game is that the players have been poisoned and have been locked inside their poisoner’s office. Inside the office is 5 vials. One contains the antidote to the poison while the other 4 contain a catalyst that will instantly kill them. They’ve got 10 minutes to live, thus 10 minutes to search the office for clues as to which vial will save their lives.  Almost every item in the booth contained some sort of hint or clue needed to open 3 different padlocks containing Final Clues. The Final Clues, in turn, helped the players figure out which vial was the right one.

The booth was packed the entire day. Eventually, the people manning it had to take phone numbers so they could text people when their turn came up. I ended up getting a chance to take a run through with 2 other people shortly before Boston FIG closed to the public, and I’m lucky I did. You’ve Been Poisoned! was a hell of a lot of fun, challenging, but not overly frustrating where I felt like I had no chance of solving the puzzle.

With the overwhelming success of the both at Boston FIG Tim is now looking to get You’ve Been Poisoned 2 put together. Something I am very much looking forward to playing.

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