Boston FIG 2017 – Ten Candles

Cavalry Games booth at Boston FIG was showcasing a game they’ve had out since 2015 called Ten Candles, a zero-prep tabletop horror storytelling game designed for one-shot 2-4 hour sessions. Played by the light of ten candles that also functions as a sort of timer for the game, players try to complete meaningful tasks in a world where catastrophe has struck. In the end, death is inevitable and, when all the candles have been blown out, all the characters will die.

tencandles 1

The candles here are what bring the most atmosphere and intrigue to the game. However many candles are left lit are how many dice players roll for their challenges. When a challenge roll completely fails a light is blown out, the die lost going to the GM. The fewer candles lit, the fewer dice rolled, the less chance of success. It’s a slow descent into despair as players frantically try to complete their objectives.

Cavalry shot me a PDF of the rules so I can give the game a shot and write up a review. All I need to do now is find 3-5 people to sit down one night and light some candles.


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