Boston FIG 2017 – Shrug Island

Shrug Island is a hand-drawn tale, a game of nature puzzles and musical adventure. It’s also the recipient of Boston FIG’s 2017 “Innovation in Art and Narrative” award for digital games. Based on the existing world from the award-winning 2009 animated short, Shrug, Shrug Island is a point and click adventure set in 4 chapters. Currently the first chapter has been funded through Kickstarter.

In Shrug Island you control 2 separated friends, Li and Shri. Together they’re trying to get back to a living home that both have been away from for some time. Each of the two characters has their own special gift to help them achieve their goal. Shri transforms and moves his surroundings by playing music. Li reveals hidden layers of the world where forgotten things lie, and puts them back together.

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The game is absolutely breathtaking to behold with amazing visuals and a wonderfully composed soundtrack. The little I had a chance to play of the game felt smooth, connected, and unique in how the characters interact with each other and their living world.

Chapter 1 of Shrug Island is currently still in production for Mac/Windows/Linux and the iPad. I didn’t manage to catch a release date, but I have followed up with the studio to see when I might be able to get a build of the game to dig into further.


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