THE CRINIMALS table at Boston FIG was packed full of players every time I walked past it, so, unfortunately, I never got a chance to play. I did, however, get to watch several games and it was enough to really catch my eye.

In THE CRINIMALS up to 4 players take the role of animal criminals who have just successfully pulled off a heist. Being criminals, and very greedy, they begin to turn on one another by exposing evidence incriminating each other. Players take turns placing cards down on the table by matching either the same color or icon in hopes to create same-color chains of 4 cards. Whenever a chain is formed that color player is sent to jail. All is not lost, though! By playing a “You Wish” card, or if the chain is broken, the player can reenter the game to seek revenge. The game also contains actions cards that allow you to swap hands, swap cards on the table, swap player identities, skip a player’s turn, or force a player to draw 2 cards.

The goal of THE CRINIMALS is to send all the other players to jail or to rid your hand of cards.

It looks light, silly, and family-friendly, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy to give it a thorough play.

THE CRINIMALS is currently up on Indiegogo with a minimum pledge of $25 for a copy if it reaches its goal of $10,000.

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