Boston Festival of Indie Games 2017

Tomorrow is the 2017 Boston Festival of Indie Games. Held at MIT, the festival is a day-long affair filled with indie games from both the tabletop and digital worlds including showcase games up for awards at the end of the show.

This will be my year attending the festival and I’ll actually be presenting one of the tabletop awards. I’ll be posting pics throughout the day on my Instagram account and will have a week or so of write-ups after the festival is over. There’s a lot of games to cram in throughout the day, so hopefully, I can get to most of them before having to head out. Thankfully there’s a handful I’ve already played at conventions like PAX East of the Connecticut Festival of Indie Games…but I’m probably going to play those again anyway.

At first glance my shortlist of must-plays include the following:


  • 5 Minutes to Midnight
  • Cake Duel
  • Darkness
  • Druid Dice (previously played)
  • False Queen
  • Maximum Apocolypse
  • Re-Chord (previously played)


  • Beat Shot
  • Iventure
  • Make Sale
  • Quest Quest
  • Shadowrun

Two of my favorite games in the recent years will also be at the show. Geek Fever Games’ Avoid the Void and Cardboard Utopia’s Children of the Zodiarcs.

More from the road tomorrow!



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