Bigfoot vs Yeti Preview

Bigfoot vs Yeti Preview - CoverDesigners: Diane Sauer
Publisher: Shoot Again Games
Year: 2018
Minimum Pledge: $19
Players: 2-4
Play Time: 30-60 min
Ages: 12+
Rules Available Online: Yes
BGG: Bigfoot vs Yeti


The truth is out there and it’s up to you to prove it as a budding cryptozoologist. Mount expeditions to prove the existence of Bigfoot, Yeti, The Loch Ness Monster, the Jersey Devil, or Extraterrestrials, all while making sure your opponents’ research ends up in the tabloids. The competition isn’t just between you and your fellow cryptozoologists, though. Both Bigfoot and the Yeti want the fame for themselves and won’t be outdone by one another. Pick the winning side and make sure you don’t end up on the cover of some discarded grocery store isle rag.

Bigfoot vs Yeti is the 6th Kickstarter campaign launched by Shoot Again Games. It uses the same game engine as their previously released Conspiracy!, with a few differences to truly make the game stand on its own.


The core of Bigfoot vs Yeti is placing sets of the same Cryptids down on the table in “expeditions.” Players can start/add to their own expeditions, or add to expeditions already started by other players. The whole time this is going on they need to keep in mind the battle between Bigfoot and the Yeti. At the end of the game, whichever of the two major Cryptids have more cards on the table will completely negate its counterpart’s cards, making them null and void. Cards discarded to the Tabloids will also have an effect on the game, discrediting those expeditions whose Cryptids match.

To start, the deck is shuffled and every player is given 10 cards. Then a card is flipped from the deck, called the Unknown, into the discard pile to create the Tabloids.

The game starts with a player’s turn consisting of the following:

  1. Draw a card (mandatory) – Draw a card from the top of the Unknown or the Tabloids
  2. Take any or all of the following actions in any order
    • Play one action card – Play a single Proof to bolster an expedition or a Phenomenon as a one-time action.
    • Mount an expedition – Place at least three matching Cryptid cards down on the table. Proof cards may be played, but it takes up the one action allowed per turn. Blurry Photos are wild Proof cards and can be added to any expedition. Resolve any Cryptid Actions.
    • Add a card to any expedition – Play a card to any expedition, keeping it in front of you no matter what expedition it’s added to. If an expedition was not mounted this turn 2 cards may be played. Resolve any Cryptid Actions.
  3. Discard a card to the Tabloids (mandatory) – At no point can a player take an action that would leave them with no cards before this phase. A card must be discarded at this point.

Play continues until one player discards their last card triggering the end of the round. Each other player, in clockwise order, must discard a single card to the Tabloids before the hand is scored.

Before scoring can begin all the Tabloid card are sorted by color, and cards of matching colors are removed from the largest expedition for every match, the credibility of said expedition coming into question. Then both Bigfoot and Yeti expeditions are compared. Whichever has the highest points in play is the winner of the Cryptid battle, negating the other instantly. All other expeditions are totaled, with several bonuses available for higher scoring expeditions and other factors. After that everything is shuffled and setup and play continue until a player has reached 100 cumulative points or more in a scoring round.

For more details on play, including in-depth scoring, check out the full rules or the video above. There’s also a free, print-and-play version available for download to give you a taste of the game.


As is typical with Kickstarter previews, I only received a prototype of the game and can’t comment on the overall quality of the components. The artwork, though is wonderfully dark, brooding, and slightly creepy. Perfectly fitting for a game about cryptozoology. The functional graphic design also keeps play running smoothly without any confusion about what cards can do and when they can be played.

Bigfoot vs Yeti Preview - Cards


I knew a bit what to expect going into Bigfoot vs Yeti since it’s almost exactly the same as Shoot Again’s Conspiracy!. Both the theme and the additional mechanic of the Bigfoot vs Yeti expeditions elevate the game quite above its predecessor and require a bit more thought and planning while playing. The overall game is still quick to learn and easy to play, just a tad bit more in-depth than Conspiracy! is. The game has the feel of classic card game where you’re creating runs, though spices things up a bit with the Tabloids, Cryptid powers, and the overarching struggle between the two titular characters. It also comes in at a minimum pledge of $19, which is really fantastic considering how much other cards games of similar caliber run on Kickstarter.

Shoot Again Games has proven time and time again that they can produce fun, quirky games that entertain without needing to learn a stack of complicated rules. Bigfoot vs Yeti is no exception to this, and would certainly feel right at home in any card lover’s shelf.

A prototype of Bigfoot vs Yeti was provided free for this preview by Shoot Again Games

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