Beyblade Burst 2019 Spring Releases

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It’s all about the SlingShock with Hasbro’s 2019 Spring Beyblade releases. I just received 3 new Beys, as well as the Precision Strike Launcher, so I could get a feel of what the latest products are like. I’m not much into the SlingShock mechanic soI don’t have a SlingShock stadium, but these new designs are pretty awesome looking.

81F crTKqYL. SL1500

Luinor L4 Starter

Energy Layer: Luinor L4
Forge Disc: D53
Performance Tip: TA16-S

A right-spin Bey with an elliptical Forge Disc and Performance Tip with a rubber bottom. The Tip can be heightened for better use in SlingShock rails, but it destabilizes they Bey a bit.

This starter set comes with a L/R ripcord launcher.

81oNnZuPEPL. SL1500

Treptune T4, Lava-X Anubion A4 Dual Pack

Energy Layer: Lava-X Anubion A4
Forge Disc: D54
Performance Tip: Fusion-S

Energy Layer: Spiral Treptune T4
Forge Disc: D28
Performance Tip: TA13-S

Two left-spin Beys with both a symmetrical and asymmetrical Forge Disc. Both Performance Tips can be set to normal mode or SlingShock mode which slightly increases their height.

No launcher is included with this pack.

81 Me7jNNdL. SL1500

SlingShock Precision Strike Launcher

For right or lift-spin Beys, this launcher features a wind-up and trigger mechanic to always provide a stable and consistent launch, making it easier to aim your Bey’s launch into a stadium.

I’ve had a chance to play with each of these new products quite a bit lately, and will be posting my reviews of them up on the A Pawn’s Perspective YouTube channel soon.

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