Betrayal at Mystery Mansion Review

Betrayal at Mystery Mansion - Avalon Hill - $35

Game title: Betrayal at Mystery Mansion

Game description: Based on the award-winning Betrayal at House on the Hill board game, Betrayal at Mystery Mansion offers 25 brand new haunts based on popular Scooby-Doo episodes and movies. Playing as one of the members of The Mystery Inc. Gang, you explore the mansion and its grounds, finding clues, encountering strange occurrences, and maybe even catching sight of a monster!

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Full Betrayal at Mystery Mansion Review

“Shaggy, you and Scooby head over there. The girls and I will…check for ghosts.”

Damnit, Fred. Keep your head in the game. That game is Betrayal at Mystery Mansion, Avalon Hill’s latest installment in the Betrayal series. This time we’re not on the House on the Hill or Baldur’s Gate. This time we’re with Scooby and the rest of Mystery, Inc. at a haunted mansion, looking for clues.

Betrayal at Mystery Manor is a much more streamlined, kid-friendly version of Betrayal at the House on the Hill. The entire game takes around 30-45 minutes and will be familiar to those who have played other games in the series. Of course, this means it carries over some of the issues in the other titles as well. One of the game’s major faults is how one player is taken out of the game to play the monster during The Haunt phase. It completely negates the work done by that player up until that point.

What you see is what you get

Overall, the game is a good time. Each turn, a player can move, discover new interior or exterior tiles, and gather clues and useful items. At some point in the game, The Haunt will be triggered, upon which time the Secrets of Survival and Monsters Tome are used, and one player takes control of the monster at hand. Now the other players must compete against the monster to either come out victorious or lose to the criminal’s nefarious plot.

Each member of Mystery, Inc. has its own sets of stats and a special ability that can help during play. They can also hold up to 3 Scooby Snacks, 5 in Daphne’s case, that allow them to reroll dice. Each monster has its own set of rules to play, as outlined in the Monsters Tome. The biggest issue? There seems to be information missing necessary to play for some of the Haunts. A few times looking up Haunts online was necessary to complete some games. Betrayal at Mystery Manor needs some errata, and quick.

That being said, Betrayal at Mystery Manor is quick and easy enough to enjoy with the family, especially during this time of year. With a few corrections, the game is certainly worth the $35 price tag, especially for Scooby fans.

A copy of Betrayal at Mystery Manor was provided free for review by Avalon Hill

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