Best Board Games to try Out in 2020

The holidays are a perfect time to unplug and catch up with your family. The days away from school and work can feel long, and being out of a routine can be a challenge. Throw in some travel, and you’re going to need a shared distraction.

Board games are making an amazing comeback in the era of technology and screen time. Here are eight of the best board games to play with your family during the upcoming Easter holiday. 


Pathfinder is a great board game option if you’re trying to hype your kids up for Dungeons and Dragons. As this board game does have a dice component, you can use a custom set from to ease the transition. Pathfinder also uses card play and some RPG elements to progress the game.

This game has all the core components of D&D presented in a family-friendly way. As you go through the game, you build your resources, fight villains, and work together to achieve your quest. 

Pathfinder has a rating of 7+, but many users say that 10+ would be more appropriate. It also has expansion pack options to improve playability and change things up on subsequent family game nights.

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On the Underground (2019 Edition)

The original On the Underground was released in 2006. The new, remastered edition is visually stimulating and engaging. It’s similar to Ticket to Ride but takes you into the subway system of London. Your goal is to build the most successful subway transit lines before the game ends, with points being awarded throughout. Bonus points are assigned for hitting various terminals and completing objectives.

The game does require a bit of strategy, but it’s rated for ages 7+, making it a fun family game to try during the long hours together.

Shadows in the Forest

Shadows in the Forest is the perfect game to play after dark. Your kids will love that they get to turn off the lights and play hide and seek without leaving the room.

In this game, 3D trees adorn the board. One person is “it,” while the others have small shadow creatures to move around in the darkness, hiding behind trees. The person who is “it” has a glowing lantern that moves around the path with each dice roll. 

If they catch a creature out of the shadows, that creature is frozen. As the person who is “it” tries to catch the shadow creatures, the other players move around between turns to try and get together and save their frozen friends.

Beasts of Balance

Beasts of Balance is a unique board game that blends the traditional family game night with the digital era. During this game, players stack artistically crafted 3D creatures in a Janga-like tower on top of a unique sensor. The sensor translates those creatures into the digital world.

While the main objective is to build the tower as high as possible, there are other strategic movements to consider. In addition to beasts, there are elemental, miracle, migration, and cross stackers that keep your beasts alive in the digital realm. The stronger your creatures are in the digital world, the more likely your chance of winning when the tower eventually falls.

This game has the potential to be different every time you play and offers both co-op and competitive modes.

Isle of Cats

Isle of Cats is an intricate and versatile game that creates playability options for adult groups, children, and even solo players. The self-proclaimed “family mode” takes out some of the deeper strategic requirements for a simple, streamlined game. Many players who enjoy the more complex version of the game feel no less satisfied when engaging in family mode with their kids.

The purpose of the game is to save as many cats as possible before the Evil Lord Vesh makes his debut. Your goal is to make the cats fit in rescue boats while keeping families together. The various cards, missions, and lessons create endless playability that promises to be a little different every time.


Oceans is an engine-building game that has an educational component to it. What makes it a must-play family game is the beautiful visuals that encourage everyone to dive into the world they’re creating— pun intended.

This game is rated 12+ with a community recommendation of 8+. The goal of the game is to evolve your creature to survive over time while dealing with the nature of their environment. From dodging predators to collecting resources, this colorful game promises to be different every time you play.

Happy Gaming

The secret to happy holidays spent together as a family is finding something that everyone can enjoy. Pick up a few of these board games for your Easter long weekend, and you’ll have a blast.

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