Best Board Games for College Kids and Young Adults

There are so many popular board games out there these days. Now is definitely the best time to get into playing. But where do you start? If you’ve never played games before, choosing one can be hard. Read on for information about the best board games for adults out there. You’re sure to find something you like!

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Catan Studio Settlers of Catan

Ah, Settlers of Catan. No essay from Essay Kitchen would be complete without it. This game can be played with three to four people. The idea is to dominate an island and the other players. You can do this through building settlements, controlling resources, and making treaties with other players. The resources you have are wood, stone, brick, and sheep.

Even if you have never heard of Settlers of Catan, the joke about having ‘wood for sheep’ is part of the culture by now. If you’ve ever heard that joke, this is where it comes from.

The game uses both competition and teamwork during gameplay. Each player starts off with two settlements and two roads. They can put them where they think will give them the best advantage. You accumulate points through the size of your settlements, your roads, and your armies.

When a player reaches ten victory points, they win the game.

Spin Master Quelf

If an essay service were to do my essay for me on board games, I would expect this game to be on it. Quelf is a game that is made for outgoing people, they will love it! The game is very simple to play, with two major steps:

  • Roll the dice, and move forward that number of squares
  • If you reach the end first, congratulations!  You win!

Anybody who has never played a game before will love this one. It’s so simple! Nothing to remember, nothing too complicated.

This is the exciting part. When you move, you land on different colours. Each colour has a corresponding stack of cards. The cards have different tasks on them, and you must carry them out. They can have rules, puzzles and games, or tasks you must carry out. It can vary, but there is always one constant: you must do what the card says!

If you don’t or if you fail at the task, there are penalties. This penalty is moving backwards on the board, and losing your spot. There are five colours that each correspond to cards, so there is always plenty of excitement.

Z-Man Games Pandemic

Pandemic is one of the top board games ever! The premise (appropriately enough) is that severe disease has broken out across the world. The players take on the roles of doctors and other specialists. They have to try and contain the disease where they are. At the same time, they also have to try and work against the other diseases.

Each player can use four actions per turn. These actions include travelling; treating people; discovering a cure; or building a research station. The game has two decks of cards. One controls the normal rate of infection. The other controls the actions of the players, and also has occasional dangerous cards that speed up the rate of infection.

Players need to have a strategy to defeat the plagues. Each player will have their own speciality, such as research or science. The players win when they manage to defeat all four of the world’s diseases.

Mattel Games Apples to Apples

In your search for new board games, make sure to try Apples to Apples. This games involves two decks of cards, stacked in the middle of the table. You can call them either red and green, or Things and Descriptions. In each round, you choose one ‘Judge’ or active player. You take turns being a Judge, so don’t worry – nobody will miss out.

To play the game, deal seven red cards to each person. These cards should be kept face down on the table so that nobody sees them. The appointed judge then takes one green card from the top of the pile. The judge should put it where everyone can see it, and read it out loud.

Each player should select a red card from their hand that they feel best describes the judge’s green card. The judge will then collect them, and decide which red card best matches the green one. The person who wins the round gets the green card. The role of the judge moves to the left, and the game begins again. The winner is the player with the most cards.

The problem with this game is that it can be hard to know when to finish! You can fix this in two ways. Decide that when someone reaches a certain number of cards, the game is over. Or, you can simply stop when bored.

Gamewright Forbidden Island

As the water level rises, it gets more difficult- sacrifices must be made.

This is one of the most popular board games out there right. It is a little more difficult than our previous two entries. Unlike most other board games, where you compete against other players, Forbidden Island makes you work with them. This game has people take turns to move their pawns around the island. Players have to work together to keep the game going. They must keep travelling around the island, collecting treasures and also trying to keep the island from sinking more. As an added touch, as the game progresses, your players may have to decide who will be sacrificed for the greater good!

The game has multiple levels of difficulty, so there is something for everyone. If someone goes to the online service Essay Basics for essays on board games, this will be the top of the list. Don’t worry about getting bored either. There are different characters to choose from, different island formats, and much more! Forbidden Island can be played by two to five players. Be warned that the more players you have, the more problems you will have. More players mean that the game will go faster, if you are on a time limit. It also means that you will have more help – remember that this is not a competitive game.

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These are the best board games out there. But there are so many more – you shouldn’t feel limited! Keep an eye out for anything that might take your fancy. You never know what fun board games you’ll find! This article was only to help you by showing the most popular games – there are so many more!

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