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When Creative Director Christopher Obritsch daughter Madelyn wanted to be in Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, and fight “Green Head”, he said it was someone else’s game – but he could make her one that was like it. “But girls can’t be knights, Daddy. Only boys…” she said, to which he answered “Pshh…What color do you want your armor to be?”. The answer? Pink! And that’s how this game started. Chris’ daughter Madelyn loves the first stage of Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and makes him play it over and over because she wants to see him fight “Green Head”, the Shielder boss at the end of the first stage. It’s not hard for her to twist his rubber arm, as it’s been his favorite game since it came out all those years ago.

If you saw my earlier post about Battle Princess Madelyn, you’ve seen those words before.

Battle Princess Madelyn has finally hit Kickstarter and it’s a project you’re going to want to back. There’s tons of rewards to be had besides getting an amazing game. I’ve been playing the early alpha version, and have been super impressed with the attention to detail, amazing graphics, and modern take on the Ghouls ‘n Ghosts-style gameplay.

Bare minimum? $15 (CA $20). That gets you a Steam copy of the game, a DRM-free copy of the game, and a copy of Insanity’s Blade. You also get an in-game credit. Not too bad, right? The game is certainly worth more than $15 in my mind. As you go up in pledge levels you can get shirts, art books, the soundtrack, and even a limited physical release of the game for the platform of your choice. Wanna go nuts? Pledge $5000 to get your face on one of the in-game bosses.

Battle Princess Madelyn is just about halfway funded with 29 days left to go as of this writing. The game is already being worked on, so I can’t imagine it’ll be too far from released once its funded. I’d hop on this train now and get yourself some sweet swag along with a brilliant game.

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