Bacterionomicon – The Creatures of the Healing Blade

Yesterday was the Connecticut Festival of Indie Games, and while there’s a ton I’m going to be posting on Purple Pawn soon, there was an item there that didn’t quite fit in with the regular fair that I wanted to write about.


Bacterionomicon: The Creatures of the Healing Blade is a book of art based on Nerdcore Medical’s upcoming card game, Healing Blade. The book is one part hard medical science, one part RPG bestiary, and one part high-fantasy art book. Included inside are entries for 46 “Lords of Pestilence” from Acinetobacter baumannii to Yersinia pestis, and 30 “Apothecary Warriors” from Amoxicillin/Clavulanate to Vancomycin. Each entry contains a beautiful illustration, descriptive text, and information on how the Lords or Warriors fight, and their weaknesses.

I’ve got a copy of the book sitting next to me, and it’s amazing. The entire book from cover to cover is amazingly detailed, feels great in the hands, and is chock full of information. The ideas running through my head about how to uses these creatures and heroes are firing off like crazy. Adventure ideas for Dungeon World, hero ideas for No Thank you, Evil!, and more.

The Bacterionomicon is available now for $46.99. I’d recommend it to any RPG buff, fantasy lover, or pathobiologist.

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