Awaiting Pai Sho

Ever since gamers saw Pai Sho played on Nickelodean’s Avatar: The Last Airbender, they’ve been coming up with ways to play. Pai Sho, in a playable form, has come a long way. There’s been many rules sets, and even tile sets, and lots of people have made their own boards and pieces. You can find a bunch on Etsy, but one of the most impressive sets I’ve seen comes from Lyris Laser Studio. Their full set includes a board, two sets of tiles, and a beautiful wooden box to store the tiles in. The best part? I’ve got a set on the way.

pai sho set

That’s right. Soon I’ll have one of the nicest Pai Sho sets I’ve seen, and I’ll finally be able to enjoy a game I’ve been reading about since 2010. While there’s may rule sets out there, the one I think I’ve settled on is Skud Pai Sho. It’s an attempt to take the best ideas from multiple rule sets an combine them into a simple, sophisticated set for maximum playability. It also uses the Wiki Pai Sho tile set, which happens to be the set I’m getting from Lyris.

So now I wait patiently for my set to show so I can play.


Ok. Not so patiently. I really can’t wait for it to get here.

More to come once I’ve had a change to play. I’ll make sure to get some good pictures, and a full review of the Skud rules.

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