Augmented Empire Announced for the Samsung Gear VR

It’s rare that I see something cool and new come along for Samsung’s Gear VR platform, so I was excited to find out that Coatsink has a new VR RPG on the way called Augmented Empire. Arriving on July 13 for $9.99, the game will be exclusive for the Gear VR and will have over 10+ hours of gameplay, full gamepad support, and some great voice actors including Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek Voyager, Orange is the new Black) and Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dear, Hot Fuzz.)

Augmented Empire is a cyberpunk RPG taking place on the island of New Savannah, a neo-noir city divided into tiers by the Citizen Grade System. As you can probably guess, the rich and famous live in luxury while the criminals and poor live in squalor, underneath everyone else. The game has you controlling 6 different characters from an ‘augmented reality’ rig while you interact with items in your own office to investigate new developments, make calls, and develop your team.

I should have a copy of the game soon to check out and will have a full review posted once I have.


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