Arkham Horror TCG: Investigator Starter Decks

Last month, Asmodee, the parent company of Fantasy Flight Games, announced they will be raising MSRP on several of their game lines beginning May 1, 2020. FFG’s Arkham Horror: The Card Game‘s core set will be increasing from $39.95 to $44.95. However, Fantasy Flight Games will be releasing standalone investigator starter decks. Touting these decks as a lower cost entry point for those who are joining a friend’s game and simplifying deckbuilding in a game that currently has less than 1000 cards for deckbuilding (there are 2097 cards currently, according to the CardGameDB), these decks appear to be an Arkham Horror TCG version of Marvel Champions‘ Hero Decks. The decks, priced at $14.95, feature a complete starting deck for one investigator character as well as additional cards for upgrading them as a campaign progresses.

Each of the five new investigators focuses on one of the five character classes. They include:

  • Nathaniel Cho, a boxer, with Guardian class cards,
  • Harvey Walters, a professor (Seeker),
  • Winifred Habbamock, an aviatrix (Rogue),
  • Jacqueline Fine, a psychic (Mystic), and
  • Stella Clark, a mailwoman (Survivor).

Although FFG announced that all upcoming release dates are impacted by COVID-19, the investigator packs are estimated to be available this coming August.

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