Anatomy Fluxx Micro Review

Anatomy Fluxx Review - CoverDesigners: Andrew Looney
Publisher: Looney Labs
Year: 2018
MSRP: $16
Players: 2-6
Play Time: 5-30 Min
Ages: 8+
Rules Available Online: Yes
BGG: Anatomy Fluxx

Anatomy Fluxx is the 2nd in Looney Labs’ branded educational Fluxx games and the 3rd Fluxx I’ve taken a look at since starting A Pawn’s Perspective. As the name implies, this version of the game deals with the human body with Keepers like the Heart, Liver, Testes, Spleen, Bone, and much, much more.

How does it compare to other versions of Fluxx?

It’s Fluxx!

That being said there’s a couple of interesting rules called “Knowledge Bonus” and “Alternate Factlets” that can be put into play with the “Learning Mode” Meta Rule. These cards allow players to draw extra cards if they can recite the factlets listed on organ cards or other facts about those organs. Did you know your right lung has 3 lobes while the left only has 2? Now you do.

Anatomy Fluxx’s Creepers are particularly nasty. Virus, Mutation, and Bacteria all attach to a Keeper in play and some rules even have them spread by attaching more Keepers to them or having them jump to other players. The Ungoals associated with these Creepers are also unpleasant. Cancer has a player lose if they have Mutations with Lungs or Prostate while Disease has a player lose if they have 2 of the Creepers from the set.

Enough with the doom and gloom! There’s also plenty of traditional Fluxx wackiness in Anatomy Fluxx like:

  • You’re in Urine (Goal): Kidney + Urinary Bladder
  • It’s Alive! (Goal): Brain + Heart + Lungs
  • It’s Not a Tumor! (Action): Whoever has Mutation draws 1 card for each Keeper attached to it. Mutation doesn’t prevent that player from winning, but can still trigger an Ungoal.

I’m a big fan of the first Fluxx in this new series, Chemistry Fluxx, and Anatomy Fluxx is a wonderful follow-up title with its mix of educational content and witty humor. I’m already hoping for, and looking forward to, the next in the educational series. Maybe they’ll rebrand Math Fluxx!

A copy of Anatomy Fluxx was provided free for review by Looney Labs

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