American Tabletop Awards Committee Announces the 2020 Winners

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The American Tabletop Awards Committee today announced its winners for 2019. These awards are for four categories: Early Gamers, Casual Games, Strategy Games, and Complex Games.

“We were really excited to launch these awards last year and got a lot of great reception and feedback from the community,” said Eric Yurko, one of the co-founders. “Part of that feedback helped us shift our timetable to earlier this year; we’re really looking forward to announcing this year’s set of award winners.”

Early Gamers:

Your goal in Draftosaurus is to have the dino park most likely to attract visitors. To do so, you have to draft dino meeples and place them in pens that have some placement restrictions. Each turn, one of the players roll a die and this adds a constraint to which pens any other player can add their dinosaur.


Casual Games:

Set sail for fun, adventure, and riches with ShipShape! This game is about outwitting and outbidding all others to earn the biggest bounty while keeping your hold shipshape! As a savvy captain, you must skillfully use your crew to fill your ship’s hold with the best combination of treasure, cannons, and perhaps some risky – but lucrative – contraband. Over three voyages, use numbered crew cards to bid for crates off the central stack. Score coins by comparing your holds with everyone else, looking only at what’s visible in your hold!


Strategy Games:

Wingspan is a competitive bird-collection, engine-building Game for 1-5 players. You are bird enthusiasts researchers, bird watchers, ornithologists, and collectors seeking to discover and attract the best birds to your aviary. Each bird extends a chain of powerful combinations in one of your habitats (actions). these habitats focus on several key aspects of growth: gain food tokens via custom dice in a birdfeeder dice tower. Lay eggs using egg miniatures in a variety of colors draw from hundreds of unique bird cards and play them the winner is the player with the most points accumulated from birds, bonus cards, end-of-round goals, eggs, cached food, and tucked birds.


Complex Games:
The Taverns of Tiefenthal

In the village of Tiefenthal lies “The Tavern of the Deep Valley”. There, all citizens from the area gather, but it’s important to attract new, wealthy guests for only then is there enough money to expand the tavern, which will then lure nobles into the tavern as well. But which tavern expansion is best? Should you focus on money? Or rather ensure that the beer will keep flowing?


The American Tabletop Awards Committee is made up of a diverse set of individuals from various parts of the board gaming and tabletop communities. This diversity guarantees a unique perspective on the industry and the games we all love.

The Committee currently consists of:

Brittanie Boe, Nicole Brady, Amber Cook, Ruel Gaviola, Jonathan Liu, Becca Scott, Suzanne Sheldon, Theo Strempel, Annette Villa, and Eric Yurko.

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