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What’s 6ft x 4ft, folds to 48in x 18in x 7 in, and is light enough for a single person to carry?

The ALPHA Table from Firmer Terra, a lightweight, folding, entry-level gaming table made with miniatures gaming in mind.

Firmer Terra created the ALPHA out of need. They love miniatures and needed appropriate space to play when at home. Of course, tables to support miniatures campaigns need a lot of space and aren’t the easiest things to just tuck away. The price was also a factor. Thus, the ALPHA Table was born. A table that’s large enough to play, but can fold up and be stored easily by a single person. It’s also only $189.99.

Firmer Terra sent me and ALPHA Game Table AGT-01 to take a look at, and I’ve been very impressed with their efforts. The table came packed well and within a few minutes of unboxing it, I had it set up and ready to play my first game on it. The instructions were clear, but there’s also a video on how to set the table up.

I will say I had my doubts upon first opening the table. It felt a bit flimsy at first while I was attaching all the legs. Once the table was upright those fears vanished as the table, while lightweight, still held up like a champ to 3 of my kids and I gaming on it. My only complaint here is that I wish the segments had a locking mechanism to make it a bit easier when setting the table upright.

ALPHA TableI should mention the table has been a real life-saver for my family. We’re currently having major renovations done, which means all our large furniture had to be moved to the garage while walls were knocked down and floors ripped up. The ALPHA has served not only our gaming needs but our dining needs at this crazy time. We’re a family of 6, so the giant space has worked out quite well for meals. The portable nature of the table means I can set it up when I need it and store it away so the contractors can work when we’re done with it.

Major bonus points.

If you’re in need of a gaming table on a budget, I can’t recommend the ALPHA enough. It’s not just a great portable gaming table, but a great overall table for the price. When I hit up the next local gaming convention I’ll be bringing my ALPHA to set up my equipment on, conduct interviews, and be my general base of operations. It’s folded up size makes it super easy to fit in my trunk, and it’s light enough that even if I need to carry it a block or two from a parking garage it won’t break my back.

Firmer Terra had a great idea and has produced an awesome product.

An ALPHA Game Table AGT-01 was provided free for this review.

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