Bacterionomicon – The Creatures of the Healing Blade

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Yesterday was the Connecticut Festival of Indie Games, and while there’s a ton I’m going to be posting on Purple Pawn soon, there was an item there that didn’t quite fit in with the regular fair that I wanted to write about. Bacterionomicon: The Creatures of the Healing Blade is a book of art based on Nerdcore Medical’s upcoming card …

CT FIG – The Games I Played

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Not only was yesterday CT FIG, but it was also International Tabletop Day. In the spirit of Tabletop Day, I’d like to give a shout out to all the awesome games I played while at the festival. Elements, by Rampage Games Originz, by Flavor Faction Flip the Table, by Kind Fortress Seikatsu, by Kind Fortress Shadow Strike, by Pure fun …

Eternal Destiny – Animation Card Battle

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Exploitive Anime: Animation Card Battle would have been a better name for this pile of rubbish. The original press release I got for this game promised “an epic card game inspired by myths, legends, and H.P. Lovecraft.” I don’t know what the hell they were talking about, because I’m not seeing much Lovecraft here. Eternal Destiny was a free-to-play card …


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Thomas Deeny (@DenaghDesign), another Purple Pawn Editor, wins the award for making me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my seat today. Thomas handles our Crowdfunding Highlights, and has started reporting on “Marketplace Confusion/Parody/Coattail Riding” games. Generally these are party games that are following in the footsteps of Cards Against Humanity. Usually these games are terrible. Anyway, he …

Unboxing Legend of Vyas

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My review of Legend of Vyas, by Vansh Games, went up today on Purple Pawn. The game is a CCG based on the Indian epic, The Mahabharata. Along with it being a great game, the box and components are top notch. I’m looking forward to future card releases, as we had a ton of fun with this.

Card Hunter

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I guess I’ve been living under a rock, because I hadn’t heard of Card Hunter until I wrote up the release of the Penny Arcade Acquisitions Incorporated addon that was just released. Figuring I’d see what it’s about, I signed up for an account. Wow. Card Hunter is pretty much like playing D&D battles with a deck-building card mechanic. There’s …

Unboxing Onitama

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I just wrote up a review of Onitama, by Arcane Wonders, for Purple Pawn. It’s an amazing little game with a ton of strategy, depth, and staying power. It’s also beautiful, as you’re about to see. This is one I can see being replayed over and over again in my collection.

Connecticut Festival of Indie Games

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A while ago I had written about the start of a new convention in Connecticut, the Connecticut Festival of Indie Games. The convention, hosted at Elm City Games in New Haven, is taking place on International Tabletop Day and will feature independent game designers from all over New England. Not only will I be there covering the show for Purple …

PAX East 2016

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It’s that time of year again! On Friday I’ll be heading to PAX East, this time for the full 3 days. I’ve already got a lot of appointments lined up with various game companies, and I’ll be wandering the tabletop area on the lookout for cool and exciting things. Of course, being there longer than I usually am, I’ll be …

Unboxing Dragoon

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Back in March of last year I did a preview of Dragoon, by Lay Waste Games, for Purple Pawn. Lay Waste had a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, and a bit over a year later, I have the final product in my hands. The version I received is the Full Metal Mantis. This is the full color, full metal, version of …