Dragon Dice

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Dragon Dice has become something of a new obsession of mine. I recieved a Starter Set to review over at Purple Pawn and I’ve become quite smitten with the game. It has a long history, and is still kicking, but I figured I’d do my best to spread the word about it. Hopefully I can even get some demo time …

2014 Five and Dime List

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OK. I really meant to do this closer to the start of the year, but I kept forgetting. Below is my Five and Dime list for 2014. What’s a Five and Dime list? It’s a list of all games I played 5+ or 10+ times. I review a lot of games, so not a lot get repeat play. It’s always …

High Roller

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OK, I really just need to start off my post with this image. Yup. That’s me at Toy Fair riding an adult sized Big Wheel. The bike is make by High Roller USA and is an absolute marvel. I actually got to tear down the isles of Toy Fair on this bad boy, and the awesome people at the booth …

I Am Elemental

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While at Toy Fair this year, the women over at the Goldieblox booth had told me I just had to go see the I Am Elemental booth. I’m really glad I did, because what they had to show off was amazing. For those not familiar, I Am Elemental makes a line of action figures for girls. Seeing an problem with …

PAX East

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Today I’m off to PAX East to cover the show for Purple Pawn. Even though I’m there to cover tabletop games, I’ll be sure to post other interesting things I find here, with some pictures on my Instagram feed.