Alien Entity Review

Alien Entity Review - CoverDesigners: Austin Braine
Publisher: Braine Games
Year: 2014
MSRP: $19.95
Players: 3-5
Play Time: 10 Min
Ages: 13+
Rules Available Online: Yes
BGG: Alien


In Alien Entity players are planetary researchers trapped on a hostile planet while an alien tries to infect the crew. The only way off-planet is to construct a satellite array and call for help. Killing the alien any infected crew members will also do. Players must work together to achieve safety, but one among them has already been infected and will stop at nothing to spread the infection,


At the start of the game, the deck is then shuffled and each player gets two cards. If any player ended up with an Infection card it is shuffled back into the deck and the player draws a new card. Next, take the Alien Role Card and add as many Human cards until there’s an equal number or Role Cards as there is players. These are then shuffled and given to each player face down. Players peek at their cards and keep them secret from the other players.

Each turn players take the following actions:

  1. Draw Two Cards
  2. Play and Pass Cards
    • Play – A player places one card down in front of them. The only time more than one card can be played at a time is when using a weapon and its ammo.
    • Pass – A player may pass as many cards, face down, to another player. They must retain at least 1 card.
  3. Discard Down to Two Cards

That’s pretty much it. The game ends when the Humans either build the Satellite Array in front of one player, the Humans kill the Alien, or the Alien infects all other players. Points are then totaled up. The game is then reset and played again and again until one player reaches 7 points.

Points are awarded as follows:

  • +1 to the Alien for each Human infected. All infected players, with the exception of the last player infected, gets +1 point.
  • +2 points to the Human that kills the Alien. All other Humans get +1 point.
  • +2 points for all Humans if the Satellite Array is completed.
  • +1 points to any Human who shoots an Infected player.
  • -3 Points to the Alien if they kill a Human.

For more details, including all the types of cards and what they do, check the full rules.


Alien Entity comes in a fairly flimsy box that contains the rules and cards. The cards themselves are a passable quality and feel like they’ll stand up to some play.

Alien Entity Review - Components


Alien Entity is a fun little social deduction game that plays fast and keeps players engaged at all times. Unfortunately, it’s dragged down a bit by lower quality components, a slightly high price tag for what you actually get, and a set of rules that isn’t always the clearest. Once we actually figured out how to play properly my kid and I had a great time with the game, but there were several points along the way where something was confusing or just unclear.

I can’t highly recommend Alien Entity, but I also can’t say it’s not worth a shot. It’s quick and lots of fun. If you watch somehow to play videos and happen to catch it on sale it’s certainly worth a look.

A copy of Alien Entity was provided free for review by Braine Games



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