Age of Sigmar: Primer, Painting, and Dice

Things have gotten really busy now that school is in full swing and all four kids are distance learning. That being said, we have managed to get our Skeleton Horde and Daughters of Khaine primed, and my 10-year-old even got some of his skeletons painted! Sadly, my wife and my Sylvaneth are still sitting in their unopened box.

As I had mentioned in my last post, we decided on Army Painter Uniform Grey spray primer for our armies. After clearing out some space in the garage, I got to priming the two armies we currently have assembled. I was genuinely surprised at how nicely the Army Painter spray worked! It coated beautifully without distorting any detail of the miniatures. It wasn’t too hard to tell what areas of a mini I may had missed considering the grey color.

It didn’t take long before the paint hit mini, and we ended up with some skeletons just about ready for the table. My 10-year-old had never painted a mini before but did some research online, broke out the Army Painter 10 paint set, and got to work. I’m a pretty proud dad, and a bit jealous. He didn’t do too shabby! The only thing his basic skeletons need now is a bit of basing.

2020 09 21 14.30.02
I especially love how the banner came out

My daughter, on the other hand, is waiting to paint. Even though we lucked out with some spare parts for her Blookwrack Shrine, GW Support finally pulled through and sent her an entire new starter box. Now shes assembling all those while the previous models she put together sit primed and ready. Once this new set gets primed up, she’ll hit the paints.

On my side of the table, even though no minis have seen the light of day, I did receive a beautiful set of mini d6 from Level Up Dice to upgrade our game. I’m a Diceomancer for them and help them promote their products, and this was a nice little perk so I could give this line of dice a little boost. I’ll have a full review of these dice up soon, but so far, I’m in love with them. The size is perfect for Warhammer, and the feel of rolling them is superb. I especially love the one with the purple pips.

2020 09 29 08.31.29 scaled e1602258912460
Dice = love

Overall we are making good progress even though it’s been slower than wed hoped. Maybe by the holidays well be actually be playing! Of course, if there’s new minis under the tree, that may cause an issue 😉

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