Age of Sigmar: Mats, Magnets, Malformed Sprues, and Lots of Glue

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With each of our Start Collecting! sets having arrived a couple of weeks ago, my daughter and 10-year-old son quickly set out to build their miniatures. Of course, I was there to lend a hand with the smaller, more fragile bits. My son’s Skeleton Horde was particularly tricky for him, so he ended up cutting the pieces from the sprues, cleaning the edges, and then I would glue them together except a few of the more significant parts. My daughter quite handily got most of her Daughter’s of Khaine together, with only a little help here and there.

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So much plastic!

There were a few snags here and there. The quivers of the Melusai were a bit tough to get on right, though in the end, it worked out. As for the skeletons, their heads proved a bit difficult sometimes, as did the reigns on the Black Knights. Thankfully I was able to repair any broken or miscut pieces, though I had a nice coating of Crazy Glue on my fingertips by the end.

There were two pretty huge snags in the build process. The first was the sprue for the Daughters of Khaine Bloodwrack Shrine had several malformed pieces on it. I contacted Games Workshop about the issue, but with COVID and all, they’ve been pretty slow to respond. Thankfully Instagram user @luxuri_asmodeus_ came to the rescue and mailed out the pieces we needed!

The next big issue was that while cutting a piece off of the sprue for Arkhan The Black, my son knicked a small piece off the mount’s tail. Unfortunately, that little piece is what connected the model to one of the main structural supports of the entire structure. It took me almost 2 hours of attempts to finally get the model propped up and glued correctly. Thankfully it’s nice and sturdy now.

Oh, that mount can have three different riders placed upon it, each with their specific mount head and armor. I figured why not just magnetize the riders, head, and mount armor so they could swap out on a whim? I’ve never done anything like that before but ordered a small drill and tiny magnets to give it a shot.

It was surprisingly easy! After building each of the three characters and gluing them to their saddles I was able to place a small hole on the bump under each saddle to fit a magnet. Then I placed another magnet in the dimple on the mount’s back. The heads went just as smoothly. After playing with the armor for a bit I decided that the three sets didn’t need to be magnetized since they clipped on securely without modification.

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Arkhan, Mortarch of Sacrament in all his glory. Easily swappable with Mannfred, Mortarch of Night or Neferata, Mortarch of Blood.

My wife and I haven’t started building our Sylvaneth army yet, but have similar magnetization plan for our Sylvaneth Treelord. We’re putting a bit more planning into how all our models are to be arranged, but will hopefully have them assembled soon.

The next step for the kids is priming. We’ve decided to prime everything with Army Painter Uniform Grey. There was a bit of back and forth over which brand of primer to use. There was also a question if we were going to prime black, white, or grey. In the end, we figured it would be the best value to go with Army Painter and grey. As we go forward, we’ll continue to evaluate and change course if needed.

Last, but certainly not least, is that we got a pair of 6′ x 4′ batlle mats to use and review from! We received their Highlands in War and Forgotten Realm mats, both of which look amazing on our Alpha table.

That’s all for now. I’ll have another update soon as we start to prime and paint our minis, build the Sylvaneth, and get some terrain on those beautiful mats!

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