After Dropping Dungeons, Relax with Tavern Tales

Phase Shift Games is at it again after their outstanding success with their first title, Dungeon Drop. Launching October 6th, Dungeon Drop’s first expansion, Dropped Too Deep, will be launching. This is exciting news on its own as the expansion adds coop play, new monsters, new hero/class combinations, and more. What’s even cooler is that the KS will also introduce a whole new game into the Dungeon Drop universe.


Tavern Tales is the first game in what PSG is calling its “Companion Games” line. It’s a standalone game set in the Dungeon Drop world that continues the story. After a hard day of dropping into dungeons, the heroes top their day off with some time at the tavern to regale everyone with their tales. What tale would be complete without a little braggadocious embellishment? Tavern Tales combines light bluffing and set collection in a game that takes very little time to set up, has no downtime for players, and plays in about 20 minutes.

Play is simple. Each player has a hand of heroes with 1-2 areas that hero can effect. There are several locations laid on the table, each with heroic feat cards beneath them. A standard game has 3 of these in each spot. On a player’s turn, they play a hero to a matching location and take 1-2 feats from it (depending on if they play a normal hero or a specialist.) Then the next player can trump them by playing another hero to that location or passing. The player who played the last hero to that location after all the other players pass gets the feats.

Tavern Tales is simple, familiar, and utterly charming with all the artwork we’ve come to know and love from Dungeon Drop. There are even advanced rules that add some legendary heroes to the deck, ancient relics into the feats, and unique constraints for each location on the table. Some areas may have feats that are face down. Others may hold four feats, or may require you to take the feats in order of their placement. Legendary heroes are wildcards with special effects that happen when they’re played. It’s a lovely addition that adds much more depth to the game.

So before we wrap this up, there’s one more item that needs mentioning. Both Dungeon Drop: Dropped Too Deep and Tavern Tales will come in the same cubic box that Dungeon Drop came in. PSG has taken much care to follow through the design themes of Dungeon Drop into these next two products, making for a remarkably cohesive set of games.

HiQ TT Box2020

Dungeon Drop: Dropped Too Deep and Tavern Tales launch on Kickstarter on October 6th.

This preview was scheduled before A Pawn’s Perspectives “No Previews” policy was put into place.

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