A Pawn’s Perspective was founded in 2016 to be a gaming geek’s view of the multitude of board games produced every year. Over the years, it has continually evolved to become what it is now. Here you can expect to find curated reviews of items that interest me, articles on various topics, and video reviews of awesome RPG accessories. Sometimes you may even find a guest post or two from some of my awesome family of fellow nerds. As always, A Pawn’s Perspective remains a safe space for all gamers, following my #youarewelcomeatmytable mentality.

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Review Policy

Updated 9/13/2020

Most products that I recieve for review are sent to me free of charge. I will always state this fact at the bottom of a post where this is the case. This fact does not color my opinions on said products in any way, shape, or form. There are also times where I review a product I have purchased on my own or received as a gift. I will disclose this at the bottom of the post as well and does not have any bearing on reviews. I speak my mind and have done so for more than ten years writing about games.

Preview Policy

Updated 9/13/2020

At this point, A Pawn’s Perspective will no longer preview games that are still in development, or cover games currently on, or heading to any crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. For digital titles, this includes demos and early access games.

A Geek at Play

A Pawn’s Perspective also contributes to a few other sites and is a member of a few organizations. Check them out below for more great content!


Victory Condition Gaming
Because WINNING shouldn’t be the only victory condition when you get to the table.

The Chaotic Good Cast

The Chaotic Good Cast
It’s CHAOTIC but it’s so GOOD. #ilikepants

Tabletop Writers Guild site final

Tabletop Writer’s Guild
The Tabletop Writers Guild is an organization of writers in the tabletop hobby, both amateur and professional, that provides an online space where they can discuss, share, and engage with each other about what it’s like writing for and about board games and RPGs.

Advertising & Article Contributions

Updated 9/13/2020

In the past I allowed advertisements to be purchased on a month by month basis. A Pawn’s Perspective will no longer run advertisements, but will still run banners and provide links to my various Affiliates. These are all clearly listed further down on this page for transparency.

There are also several paid Article Contributions on the site where a company has paid to post content with backlinks to their material. A Pawn’s Perspective will no longer accept paid Article Contributions or paid content of any kind.

Affiliate Programs

Updated 9/13/2020

A Pawn’s Perspective partners with several affiliate programs to drive sales to them in return for various rewards. With the exception of Amazon links, these rewards are non-monetary and are usually in the form of discounts or free products/services.

The current list of affliates is as follows:

  • Amazon
  • BoardGeeksGaming
  • Gemhammer & Sons Gaming
  • Level Up Dice
  • E-Win Racing
  • Noname Nerd