A Pawn’s Perspective

For a long time I’ve never really had a direction on this blog, or any of its previous incarnations. I’ve decided to change that, and start a focus to these posts.

As many of you may know I write for Purple Pawn, a tabletop news website. I’ve been doing that now for over 6 years, and it’s something I’ve enjoyed immensely. I’ve branched out a bit, posting to my Instagram account, Periscope account, and even Twitch, in order to help reach a wider range of people. I’ve also been thinking of longer-form posts that may not always fit in the scope of Purple Pawn’s format. That’s what I intend to do here. That, and short snips that may be too short for Purple Pawn.

It’s a new experiment, and one I hope pans out and that you all find interesting.

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