A Pawn’s Perspective 2020 Gift Guide: Expansions

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s not always easy to shop for the gamer in your life. Don’t fret. I’m here to help. I’ve prepared a series of gift guides to help you navigate the waters of games and accessories that are sure to please both new and veteran gamers alike. Each guide will be tailored to a different crowd, and each of them will contain links to the other as they get posted. Whether it’s stocking stuffers you’re after or a mega game to put a smile on their face, I’ve got you covered.

Sometimes there’s a gamer out there who really does have all the games. How are you supposed to shop for such a mighty recipient? You gotta buy them some expansions! There’s nothing like getting more of a game you already love, and there are some great new expansions out there that are just fantastic. Whether is just a few cards or an entirely new board and set of pieces, expansions run the gamut of prices so there’s something for every budget.

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Wingspan Oceania Expansion

Wingspan won a Gold Pawn’s Pick last year and was a serious contender for Platinum. It’s a hugely popular game that’s still a bit hard to get your hands on. There’s already the European Expansion for those lucky enough to have a copy, and now the Oceania Expansion has just been released. While the first expansion added new birds and a new color egg, Oceania has new boards and food dice to add to the game, as well as new birds and a new color egg. It’s a lot of new content for just $30.

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Dune Ixians & Tleilaxu House Expansion

For the longest time, Dune was out of print, a jewel many gamers longed to have in their collection. Gale Force 9 answered the gaming community’s prayers when they announced their reprint of the game last year. Now you can add the cybernetic House Ixian and gene-modifying House Tleilaxu to the game with the first expansion. It’s $20, which may seem a bit steep with the base game sitting around $50. To those who own the game, however, it’ll be worth every penny.

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Root: The Clockwork Expansion

The latest expansion to come to the Platinum Pawn winner, Root, is the Clockwork Expansion. This expansion allows players to face off against four different automated factions either solo or cooperatively with other players. Three difficulty levels are included for the Mechanical Marquise 2.0, the Electric Eyrie, the Automated Alliance or the Vagabot. There are also dozens of trait cards to further customize each army to keep play fresh and exciting. At $40 it’s one of the more expensive expansions on the list.

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Fireball Island: Spider Springs

With all the crazy expansions there already are for Restoration Games’ Fireball Island, it’s a wonder that they could come up with any more! Well, they have. Spider Springs adds a new portion of the island where players can collect spider eggs. They can also be attacked by spiders that leap out at them or even tumble through Vul-Kar! Those lucky enough can also escape the island in a new way, with the submarine!

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Promo cards and/or pieces often come with magazines or can only be obtained via conventions or as Kickstarter exclusives. You can also buy special promos for tons of games over on BoardGameGeek. Ranging in price from $1 to $30, there’s so many to choose from. These are great as a little something special for someone who may already have all the expansions for their favorite game. They’re also great to tuck into cards or slipped into stockings!

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