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For those familiar with the original SUPERHOT, you can probably hear that GIF can’t you?

SUPERHOT is a weird beast. Initially, a proof-of-concept turned into a full-blown game; SUPERHOT has players running and gunning through a virtual environment where time only moves when you do. It was a huge hit, and the quirky and quite creepy story only helped catapult it’s popularity even higher.

Now the game’s sequel, SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE, has been released and it’s more of the game. Much more. Taking place directly after the ending of the first game you’re trust into a bit of a loop before you’re greeted with more game. There’s even more flexability with a new rogue-like aspect to levels, an ASCII map to traverse, and new abilities in the form of .core and .hack files. These will either grant you with powers to use in a stage or will hack things like your healther meter, bullet count, or even how fast you can move.

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Picked up on the theme yet?

Is more better? In some cases, it is. The core and hack features add a lot of impressive variety to the basics laid out in the first game. The story remains just as creepy and somewhat confusing as the first, with tidbits of information found here and there as you uncover new areas of the map. SUPERHOT is just as fun as you remember it.

My one complaint with the game is that the random levels get a bit tedious after a while. You’re always fighting in the same few level layouts over and over again. Each level is relatively small, too. It’s not a game killer, but a bit more diversity would have been excellent.

On the plus side, the procedural nature of the levels can make them a bit harder than the original. You can’t always see where enemies are spawning, and you often can get shot in the back without even knowing someone was behind you. That’s where having a few hearts worth of health comes in handy.

SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE is so much more than it’s predecessor, and yet still a bit less in some ways. Fans of the original will be satisfied by the frantic energy and action in the game, but series newbies will be better off playing the first game.

A key for SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE was provided free for review by the SUPERHOT Team

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