A Look at Foregone

Currently in Early Access, Big Blue Bubble’s Forgone is a 2D platformer that combines an experience similar to Dead Cells meets Diablo. It’s a rogue-like without procedurally generated levels with a loot system that drops items of varying power and rarity. It’s a game that feels like it doesn’t know what it wants to be.

At first glance, and my first-ever play at PAX East 2020, Foregone looked like a dream come true. A pixel-art platformer with fluid animations and a tease of being a Metroidvania. Once I installed the game at home, I found out how rogue-like it was, and discovered the loot system. I wasn’t disappointed, mind you, just a bit surprised. I eagerly dug in.

The first thing players will notice about Foregone is that while the animations are fluid, the controls feel a bit off. Nothing seems to hit home the way it should, while jumps and slides felt a bit soft and always just a bit off the mark. Auto aiming for projectile weapons is a nice touch, but melee attacks often didn’t feel like they would connect, even though they were. It’s hard to describe. If you play it, you’ll know what I mean.

The next thing you’ll notice is the difficulty level. Like most rogue-like games, you’ll die a lot at first. Unlike similar games, you’ll continue to die because the balance of upgrades you can purchase between lives feels a bit off-scale. You lose a lot when you die, more than feels appropriate. Death is balanced a bit by level designs that don’t change, yet this also leads to areas becoming a bit stale if you have to keep replaying them because you haven’t gotten to a further checkpoint where you can start.

Of course, the game is still Early Access, and there have been numerous updates to it over the past few months. Unfortunately, some of these updates have caused players to need to reset their skill trees. You always get some credited upgrade points, but it’s been not very pleasant to redo. If you’re not into that sort of thing, wait until the game’s official release in October.

Honestly, with all the similar games out there, I gave up on Foregone after about 5-6 hours worth of play. It’s pretty, but it lacks something at its core. Something that I can find easily in a game like Dead Cells. Foregone’s price tag of $30 also seems a bit steep, especially for a game that hasn’t isn’t gold yet.

A key for Foregone was provided free for review by Blue Bubble Games

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