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Dream Realm Storytellers are getting ready to launch their Corpus Malicious, a Codex of Evil for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. I got a chance to chat a bit with Umut Comak, one of the founders of Dream Realm Storytellers and their Marketing Specialist / Art Director.

Let’s start off with you telling me a bit about yourself and what you do.

Hey! I’m Umut Comak. I am one of the founders of Dream Realm Storytellers, an indie TTRPG studio from Turkey. I’m also Media and Communication master’s degree student in Ankara University.
I am generally do marketing works in the DRS but we are only six people which means that we are multitasking a lot!

You’ve got a Kickstarter coming up soon. Can you tell me a bit about it?

Corpus Malicious – The Codex of Evil for 5th Edition will be launched on October 15, 2019. The project basically includes two books. One of them is Corpus Malicious, 400-page codex of evil supplement for DND 5th Edition with content for both players and Dungeon Masters.

The other book is, Mindabar – The City of Malice, some of our Svilland Campaign Setting backers have asked us about creating a small setting instead of providing villains in the book. We thought, why not both? So, Mindabar is an evil setting which provides a detailed lore about a cursed, cosmopolitan city. Dungeon masters can find everything they need: buildings, NPCs, inns, special days, traditions, culture, art and even food.

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Sounds awesome! Can you tell me a bit about the development of each? How did they come out? What was it like working on them?

Let me tell you a good story : ) . One day, while we were talking about 5E, we decided to delve into one of our game designer, Alican’s game design folders. It is full of D&D 3.5th based evil contents that are made for his previous 3.5th campaigns.

Then we saw a Facebook post in a group, basically saying “What is missing in the 5th Edition?” Most of the answers were “Evil player and dungeon master options”. So we thought that “They are right, there must be a book for this specific need. We also need that kind of book!” In the late of that day, Alican said “So we are doing this.” then we started to work for it.

Working for an evil themed book is really hard because the first thing you should do is to understand the basics of the alignment system. Then you need to answer a very specific question “What is evil in D&D” We have read a lot so that we could give an answer to this question.

Another important thing that we should underline, we are not supporting evil. We are not evil, we are really cute team :). We think that greatest heroes are the ones defeating the most evil villains and the darkest evil is the one casting purest light away.

What kinds of things can we expect from these books?

I can say that, Corpus Malicious has many new design mechanics for 5e. For example, we designed new rules for alignment changes and character corruptions, called degeneration.. With degeneration rules, becoming evil slowly and falling from grace will be more meaningful and the effects of evil’s corruption more clear. In additional, you will find 35 new archetypes, 50 new magic items, 15 cults, 25 villains, 3 new races, 10 new feats, 5 new backgrounds, and 35 new monsters. Those numbers will increase with the stretch goals.

Mindabar also has new monsters, races and lore. The city will be dreadful and more than enough for a campaign. It will give the flexibility to place it in nearly all settings. People can find more on our website: www.corpusmalicious.com www.corpusmalicious.com

Who are all the writers on the project? How about artists?

Our designer and writer team consists of 6 people and their names are:, Alican Develioglu, Ekin Topanoglu, İzel İrem Aydın, Bartu Agca, Umut Comak, and Barkın Tokalak.

Our main artists are also from Turkey and they are very young like rest of the team. Özge Güngör and Muhammet Feyyaz are our main artists. But we also worked with Jon Elliot with Corpus Malicious’ beautiful cover art and Ömer Tunç with Mindabar’s cover art.

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About how long have these two books been in development? What made you go the Kickstarter route?

Our game designers started to work for both books when Svilland Campaign Setting’s development process ended, which means 7 months ago. In the last 3 months, we were working for the Kickstarter campaign. As an indie studio, we need to use Kickstarter for our projects, just like every other indie TTRPG studio.

Any campaign surprises in the works?

Actually yes, we have a good surprise if the social goals pass and in the middle of the campaign we are preparing another surprise : )

Anything else you’d like to add before we wrap up?

Thanks for this interview. We released a 50 pages demo booklet so people can check our work for free!

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