2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Miniatures

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Miniatures gamers can be some of the easiest, and also hardest , people to shop for during the holidays. It’s usually pretty apparent which games they’re into, but how do you know what they already have? And of course the prices run the gamut from dirt cheap to bankruptcy so perhaps you can consider this free budget template as my gift to you…but I digress. On to the gifts! Hopefully, this list will give you some ideas about the latest and greatest in some of the most popular miniatures games.

Marvel Crisis Protocol

The latest hotness in the miniatures scene from Atomic Mass and Asmodee is Marvel Crisis Protocol. Pit iconic Marvel heroes and villains against each other using beautifully sculpted minis and terrain.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Core

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Red Skull seems super casual here

Hot off the press is the Marvel Crisis Protocol Core set. It’s the perfect introduction to the game for anyone looking to start their collection. Keep in mind the miniatures come unassembled and unpainted, so you’ll need some basic mini supplies (see the end of the article) as well as this set to get started.

Crisis Protocol Character Packs

Each pack contains minis and cards

Being such a new game, just about any Character Pack will do. Be warned though. These packs are generally more expensive than your usual extra mini. That’s because along with the minis you also get new Tactics cards and Crisis cards that expand the ways you can play.

Dust 1947

I’m a bit biased here because Dust is my current miniatures game of choice. Set in an alternative history where WWII continues to rage on with the help of alien technology, you can’t beat the quality of the miniatures or shallow learning curve required to get into the game.

Paradise Lost Campaign Book

Relive the action of Paradise Lost

The latest campaign book for Dust 1947, Paradise Lost, introduces new battlegrounds all over the Dust world. It’s perfect for the Dust player who already has a sizable collection of miniatures.

Latest Releases

JP163 W2

The latest and greatest of Dust 1947 contains a new Starter Kit, Kowalski’s Marauders, and HQ Boxes for the Mythos and IJN, and a new tank for the Axis. Any of these are great gifts for players of the latter armies or those looking to start a new army with Kowalski’s Marauders.

Starter Sets

Starter sets have everything a players needs to get started with an army

Looking to get into Dust 1947? Starter Sets are the way to go. Each player needs one, and they contain miniatures, rules, terrain, a battle mat, unit cards, and dice. Basic Starter Sets come pre-primed, but unpainted, while Premium Starter Sets come fully painted. Both types are ready to play out of the box.

Warhammer 40k

Probably the most popular of all miniature games, Warhammer 40k has such a wide array of products that it’ll make your head spin. The best way to buy for these players? Ask them. Seriously. I’ve only got ONE recommendation this year, and it’s a doozy.

Sisters of Battle Army Set

81llDF0MvHL. SL1500
Everything about this set is beautiful

The Sisters of Battle Army Set is the hot ticket item from Games Workshop this holiday season. It’s rapidly selling out everywhere which means 3rd party prices are soaring. Find this for the 40k player in your life and you’ll be a holiday miracle.

Star Wars Legion

Still considered a young game by minis standards, but has rapidly built up a player base thanks to the rabid Star Wars fanbase.

Star Wars Legion: Clone Wars Core Set

91QcSePP3nL. SL1500
General Grievous doesn’t like to share lightsabers

OK. This one is kind of cheating seeing as it’s a pre-order coming out on January 18th. Still. The Legion player in your life will squeal like porg when they see the Star Wars Legion: Clone Wars Starter Set is headed their way at the start of 2020.

Dewback Rider

I’d hate to see his saddle sores

Look at that beauty up above. What Empire-lover doesn’t dream of riding a dewback? Well, now they can with the Dewback Rider Expansion. The box contains everything you need to customize and deploy a Rider to the table.


Miniatures gamers are always in need of extra stuff to support their hobby. There’s always new brushes and paints, but what else could they use to take their hobby to the next level?

Games & Gears Legends Brush Bundle

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Just 3 of the 11 amazing brushes in the set

Games & Gears makes some amazing brushes for miniatures painters. The Legendary Brush Bundle packages some of the best of their product lines, featuring:

  • Four premium quality kolinsky sable long bristle brushes: sizes 0 – 0000
  • Three premium quality synthetic brushes: sizes 1, 2 & 3
  • Four premium quality Technical brushes: Vehicle brush, Katana, Wakazashi and Drybrush.
  • Three leather brush cases

The Army Painter Mega Paint Set 3

71gWOREtXL. AC SL1200
Includes balls!

Paint is always in short supply, so why not help out by snagging this box of SIXTY paints? The Army Painter is known for their amazing quality paints and this Mega Paint Set contains 43 colors, 7 washes, 5 metallics, and 5 effects paints. Sure, you could buy someone a few droppers or pots of paint but this is way more impressive.

The Broken Token Modular Paint Racks

71691xvFESL. AC SL1250
It’s like Build-a-Bear…for paint racks

The Broken Token makes a wonderful set of modular paint racks for painters that use both pots and droppers. They’ve got straight pieces, wedge pieces of varying sizes, stands, and more. The best part? They’re dirt cheap and easy to assemble. Organizing paints and brushes has never been easier!

Elegoo Mars

61o8CVqN2L. SL1200
It’s a thing of beauty

The ultimate gift for any miniature gamer is the Elegoo Mars 3D printer. It’s both affordable and high quality, using resin to print amazingly high definition prints. With thousands of free, and legal, miniatures files online a gamer can print their own army of custom minis or terrain sets in the comfort of their own home. I own one. It’s amazing.

Did I Miss Your Favorite?

There are a ton of games and accessories that ALMOST made this list, but I wanted to keep it to a decent length. Did I miss your favorite? Do you have any other suggestions, or games that people should steer clear of? Leave a comment below!

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