2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Accessories

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The holidays are fast approaching and you might be wondering what a good gift may be for the gamer who already has just about everything.


Now I’ve been fortunate enough to review a TON of great gaming accessories, and here are some that would make great gifts.

Level Up Dice

Raised Obsidian 1728x
Raised Obsidian, $95 – Probably my absolute favorite set from Level Up Dice’s store.

Level Up Dice are makers of luxury dice. They have a wide range of precious gemstone dice, stone dice, heavy metal dice, aluminum dice, wood dice, and even bone dice. Prices vary, but there’s no denying these math cubes have some serious table presence! The best part? Their dice sets are expertly balanced to always give you a fair roll.

Board Geeks Gaming Modular GM Screen

Looking to buy the perfect gift for the DM/GM of your favorite RPG? Look no further than Board Geek’s Gaming’s Modular GM Screen. This is the screen I use when I DM the multitude of Dungeons & Dragons games I run. Each panel is separate, and fully customizable. My own screen is 5 panels with a beautiful Pawn’s Perspective logo in the middle.

Board Geeks Gaming has also been kind enough to share a coupon for A Pawn’s Perspective readers! Just use code PAWN10 on their Etsy store to get 10% off any order!

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The crown jewel out of all my gaming accessories

Crafted Artifacts Dice Box and Rolling Tray

We own a LOT of dice boxes in varying styles, fancy woods, and sizes. Crafted Artifacts‘ Dice Box and Rolling tray just seems to beat most of them by a country mile. They’re simple, expertly made, and just the right size. The rows to organize dice, along with the whiteboard space and room to roll in the lid just make these boxes a great accessory for anyone looking to keep their play space a bit more organized.

C4Labs Dapper Octopus Dice Tray

If you’re looking to roll your dice in style, there’s no better way than with C4Labs Dapper Octopus Dice Tray. Not only does it have a wonderful faux-leather lining, but it also has 8 pockets to hold your dice for easy access. You also get the added bonus of the Dapper Octopus approving of your die rolls. That always makes me feel much better when I roll a crit against one of my players.

Gemhammer & Sons Gaming Compendium of Wild Beasts

Yeah, yeah. I’m a little biased towards 5e. Sue me. If you’re a lover of Dungeons & Dragons and play a Ranger or Druid then Gemhammer & Sons Gaming has you covered with their Compendium of Wild Beasts decks. These three decks contain a ton of animal stat blocks, as well as a few spells, for use with D&D 5th Edition. Perfect for Wild Shape, animal companions, etc… They’re also priced at a perfect level for stocking stuffers!

Games & Gears Legendary Brush Bundle

Looking to get the perfect gift for the miniature painter in your life? Look no further than the luxury brushes put out by Games & Gears. It doesn’t get much better than these. Their brushes are made with kolinsky sable hair or premium synthetic bristles, depending on the brush, can be capped, and come with leather pouches for storage. They’ve got brushes all the way down to 0000 size, as well as specialty brushes for dry-brushing, vehicle painting, and fine detail.

Dibrova Store Dice Vault

Everyone has that ONE set of dice that really shine above all the rest. What better way to not only protect, but spotlight such special numerical rocks than with a Dibrova Store Dice Vault. These hardwood boxes come in a variety of colors, can be personalized, and have metal hinges and magnetic clasps. A real treasure at a very affordable price.

Vyseri Art Deck of Many Things

OK! Last 5e item on the list, I swear. The Vyseri Art Deck of Many Things is a beautiful representation of one of D&D’s most infamous magical items. It’s a full deck, and contains a reference card for what each card does and which cards to use when only needing a “lesser” deck of many things. Don’t believe me on how awesome this deck is? The cast of Critical Role used this exact one in Campaign 1, and look where it got Grog!

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