Yomi Characters to be Brought to Life in Fantasy Strike

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Sirlin Games is well known in the tabletop world for Yomi and Puzzle Strike, among other games. Now their popular characters are coming the PC and consoles in Fantasy Strike, a 2D fighting game designed with simple controls and precision/timing-based gamplay. Currently they’re working to crowdfund the game on fig, hoping to raise $500,000. Backers at the Deluxe level will actually be able to play an Early Access version of the game on Steam as soon as their campaign ends.

Fantasy Strike is being developed to be accessible to newcomers to fighting games, as well as longtime fans of the genre. “Controlling your character is simpler than in just about any other fighting game,” says David Sirlin, President of Sirlin Games. “We don’t have joystick motions-we don’t even have CROUCH. The difficulty all comes from deciding what to do and when to do it. We’re very interested in gameplay depth, we just want it to come from your decisions. That approach has allowed us to draw in a much wider audience at trade shows than would usually be interested in a fighting game.”

While Sirlin is actively working to fundraise for the game, development has already started for Steam and the PS4 and has been for about 2 years already. The game is expected to launch late 2018.

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