Unboxing Santorini

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Roxley just sent me a copy of Santorini, a game I’ve been excitedly waiting for. It’s pretty awesome, but I’ll leave that for the review later this week. Until then I’ve snagged pics of all the amazing components that come with the game. Everything is top notch from the storybook to the 3D board to all the building pieces and amazing card art.

Included in the pics below is the Golden Fleece expansion for the game. They’re the last five pictures in the set.

Santorini Box
Santorini Box Back
Santorini Rules
Santorini Board
Santorini Board
Santorini Minis
Santorini Buildings
Santorini Cards
Santorini Golden Fleece Box
Santorini Golden Fleece Box Back
Santorini Golden Fleece Bits
Santorini Golden Fleece Bits
Santorini Golden Fleece Cards

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