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Dr. Mary Flanagan, designer and publisher of Monarch, sent me a prototype of the game while she was Kickstarting it a while back ago. Immediately I was hooked. Gameplay is simple, fast, and tight. Back then most of the art for the game hadn’t been finished, so there was a lot of placeholder art on the cards, tiles, etc…

2 years ago at Toy Fair Mary was at the Tiltfactor booth and happened to have some of the art on her laptop. To say it was amazing is an understatement. Kate Adams created each piece of art on scratchboard tiles. These tiles were then scanned and colored for the game. The effect is stunning, giving Monarch a one-of-a-kind look and feel. Combine this with overall high production value, and the already high quality play, and Monarch is a treasure for any game collection.

Monarch Box
Monarch Box Back
Monarch Bits
Monarch Cards
Monarch Tiles
Monarch Banners

I apologize for the bit of glare in the photos. I was trying a new photo setup with a cooler light and a vinyl mat instead of cotton sheet. I need to diffuse the light a bit to reduce the glare. At least it’s working better than my previous setup!

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