Unboxing Fallen Angel

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You may remember quite some time ago I backed Fallen Angel on Kickstarter. My copy arrived a few weeks ago and I had meant to posts some pictures, but there was a small problem. The box was pretty banged up. Thankfully all the components where safe but the box had seen better days. I was supposed to get a new box from the company and it hasn’t arrived yet. Feeling pretty frustrated, I decided to just go ahead and post the pictures and try to keep most of the box damage as hidden as possible.

Fallen Angel Box
Fallen Angel Box Back
Fallen Angel Rules
Fallen Angel Reference
Fallen Angel Board
Fallen Angel Board
Fallen Angel Dice Tower
Fallen Angel Dice Tower
Fallen Angel Bags
Fallen Angel Tokens
Fallen Angel Pieces
Fallen Angel Boards
Fallen Angel Dice and Counters
Fallen Angel Boxes

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