Unboxing Avoid the Void

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I’m a huge fan of Avoid the Void and was really bummed when the Kickstarter campaign for the game fell short. Thankfully http://www.geekfevergames.com/ didn’t give up, and crowdfunded the game through The Game Crafter. My copy finally arrived, and I couldn’t be happier. Now I can enjoy galaxy destroying fun with my kids!

I always love to see how far the quality has come with Game Crafter games. Here’s a look at what you get in the box:

Avoid the Void Box
Avoid the Void Box Back
Avoid the Void Rules
Avoid the Void Ships
Avoid the Void GC
Avoid the Void Tokens
Avoid the Void Aliens
Avoid the Void Sectors
Avoid the Void Cards
Avoid the Void Void Beasts

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