Tao Long

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Thundergryph has a great new Kickstarter up and running. Tao Long is a game of two dragons trying to outdo the other, but are bound by Tao. Each action taken by one dragon opens up new options for the other to move, attack, or block. In the end, there can be only one.

Everything about Tao Long looks amazing and it’s already something I’ve come to expect from Thundergryph, who recently wrapped up a Kickstarter for Overseers. Even the price (around $18 USD) is looking good for what you get in the box.

The game has already smashed through its funding goal and is well on its way to unlocking all the planned stretch goals. This one seems to be a solid game to back.

The video below will give you a pretty good feel for what to expect. I’ve also got this on the way to preview, so will have more thoughts on it once I have a chance to play.

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