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Preview – Cooking Rumble

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Aether Tower has just launched a new Kickstarter campaignf for Cooking Rumble, a microgame where 2 players try to complete recipies and be the first chef to earn 6 points. The game’s mechanics are based around players using ingredient cards to complete 3 random recipes on the table. Each recipe requires 3 items from the following: sugars, cereals, proteins, and …

Review – Aura

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Designers: Michael Orion Publisher: Breaking Games Year: 2017 Minimum Pledge: Players: 2-4 Play Time: 20-40 min Ages: 8+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Aura Prelude 4 identical decks, each made up of cards numbered 1-8, plus action cards, in 5 different colors, are all that comes with Aura. Those 4 decks make up a casual card game for beginner and hardcore card players alike. …

Review – A Dog’s Life

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Designers: Christophe Boelinger Publisher: BETON GAMES Year: 2016 Minimum Pledge: $49 Players: 2-6 Play Time: 30-60 minutes Ages: 6+ Rules Available Online: No BGG: A Dog’s Life Prelude What’s it like to walk in the paws for a day? A Dog’s Life claims to be the boardgame to play to find out! Roam the streets, beg for food, pee on things, and try to find delicious …