Star Trek Fluxx Review

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Rob KalajianMedia personality Rob Kalajian has been a staple in the board game world for many years. As a former writer for Purple Pawn and the owner of A Pawn’s Perspective, Rob focuses on board game reviews, events, and news. A self-proclaimed geek, Rob loves all things toys and games and even helps raise his four kids in his spare …

Get the MacGuffin Review - Header

Get the MacGuffin Review

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Designers: Andrew Looney Publisher: Looney Labs Year: 2018 MSRP: $10 Players: 2-11 Play Time: 5-10 Min Ages: 8+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Get the MacGuffin Prelude Mc·Guf·fin – məˈɡəfin noun BRITISH noun: MacGuffin an object or device in a movie or a book that serves merely as a trigger for the plot. Origin 1930s: a Scottish surname, said to have been borrowed by the English film director Alfred Hitchcock, from a …

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Zendo Review

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Designers: Kory Heath, Andrew Looney Publisher: Looney Labs Year: 2017 (New Edition) MSRP: $40 Players: 2-6 Play Time: 15-60 minutes Ages: 12+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Zendo Prelude Looney Labs classic inductive logic game, Zendo, is back with a brand-new look. Originally released in 2001 and a stand-alone Icehouse Pyramids (now Looney Pyramids) game, Zendo used to contain a Buddhist theme and the only building pieces were the …

Zendo Unboxing - Box

Zendo Unboxing

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Back in August when I first found out about a new edition of Zendo coming out I couldn’t contain my excitement. I finally had a chance to actually sit down and play while at PAX Unplugged a few weeks back. Now, my own copy arrived and I just had to rip it open and get some pics. You may notice …

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Doctor Who Fluxx Micro Review

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Designers: Andrew Looney Publisher: Looney Labs Year: 2017 MSRP: $20 Players: 2-6 Play Time: 5-30 minutes Ages: 8+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Doctor Who Fluxx Doctor Who is one of the latest themed Fluxx games from Looney Labs featuring, you guessed it, Doctor Who. The card set draws from both old Who (Doctors 1-8) and new Who (Doctors 9-12.) No 13th Doctor in this set, though there is …

Nanofictionary Review

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Designers: Andrew Looney Publisher: Looney Labs Year: 2017 MSRP: $16 Players: 3-6 Play Time:  30-45 min Ages: 8+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Nanofictionary Prelude Originally published by Looney Labs in 2002, Nanofictionary received an update and fresh coat of paint this year. A storytelling game, Nanofictionary has players building a hand of Character, Setting, Problem, and Resolution cards in order to …

Looney Labs Announces a New Edition of ZENDO

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Looney Labs just announced a new edition of ZENDO is on the way! The announcement, made on their Pyramid Arcade Kickstarter page, is one I’ve been waiting for since I first saw a prototype being played at PAX East last year. At the time it was hush-hush and I promised not to say anything about it.  The new edition of …