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Go Nuts for Donuts Review

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Designers: Zachary Eagle Publisher: Gamewright Year: 2017 MSRP: $14.99 Players: 2-6 Play Time:  20 min Ages: 8+ Rules Available Online: Yes BGG: Go Nuts for Donuts Prelude Everyone loves donuts. In fact, people tend to go nuts for ’em! Go Nuts for Donuts is a fast-paced family card game featuring personified donuts. Players try to snag the most donuts, collecting sets and …

Quests of Valeria Unboxing

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Quests of Valeria, one of Daily Magic Games’ Valeria series, is a game about Guildmasters setting Citizens to Quests posted in a tavern in the Capital City of Valeria. At its heart, it’s a set collection game where players try to get the right Citizens to fulfill a Quest’s requirements. I tried getting some shots on my new table but …

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Sarah’s Singularity Preview

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Designers: Thomas Gutschmidt Publisher: Daily Magic Games Year: 2018 Minimum Pledge: $24 Players: 2-5 Play Time: 30-40 min Ages: 10+ Rules Available Online: Video BGG: Sarah’s Singularity Prelude Sarah Prime is mucking about the timeline causing all sorts of distress and creating paradoxes left and right. As one of those Alternate Sarahs, you need to travel through time putting things …