Stellar Armada – $1 Board Game

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My second Kickstarter pick for the month is a no-brainer as the game is only $1. Stellar Armada is a game of space combat that removes the board and contains only two cards and some cardboard counters. There’s still shipping to pay, but really the game is still insanely cheap. Designer Jerason Banes even has a $5 version that includes dice and nicer tokens, or a print-and-play only version for $1 that doesn’t have a shipping cost. A total deal no matter which pledge level you go with.

Stellar Armanda is already fully funded and has smashed through most of its stretch goals. Jerason just send out a new update saying he’s trying to figure out what else to offer for higher stretch goals since the last one is on its way to being funded.

I’m excited for this one. Check out the video below for all the information you really need to know about the game, then go pledge your dollar for the game.

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